Czech company GeneSpector opened a branch in the USA.

Published: 30.08.2022 Related countries:  U.S.A. U.S.A.

GeneSpector succeeded with its covid testing and diagnosis but it can also help with diagnosing other diseases. GeneSpector established itself on the global market with the opening of its first US office in Boston, MA.

GeneSpector is unprecedentedly active in the domestic market, a company that was formed at Charle's university in Prague, Czech Republic, and quickly became independent. Its sister company, GeneSpector Innovations, has recently established a branch in Boston, MA, USA. Gene Spector Innovations offers a quick diagnosis of respiratory diseases, kidney diseases, and intestinal disease screening.

In Prague, Czech Republic, cooperation between GeneSpector and Charles University allows exciting ideas to get from the academic environment to the market quickly. GeneSpector is a company that grew during unprecedented biomedical boom during covid. Experts from Charles University were able to speed up, simplify and streamline the PCR testing method, so when the pandemic was at its greatest strength in the Czech Republic, every third PCR test evaluated used GeneSlpector's solutions.

The covid-19 pandemic that brought the young scientists together gave birth to much more. "Covid brought together a group of motivated people striving to achieve progress in biomedicine. We have been working on other applications outside of covid for more than a year now," says Michal Pohludka, co-founder and director of GeneSpector.

Not long ago, Pohludka traveled to the United States, where he met with possible investors. He looked at university programs and their marketability in the pharmaceutical and medical fields. The market is highly regulated and complex, Pohludka observes. GeneSpector needs to cooperate with US partners and gain access to distribution networks in the United States.

GeneSpector Innovations' new Boston, MA, USA branch office is a way to create global reach. "We must cooperate with a larger company to make our existing technologies available globally. We are not able to do that from the Czech Republic." Pohludka adds.

GeneSpector Innovations products are now in the stage of clinical trials in the USA, and the company hopes to make these products available to the American public soon.


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