Czech producer of performance and health boosters for professional video gamers raises angel investment from eSport and poker superstars

Published: 23.04.2021 Related countries:  U.S.A. U.S.A.

Madmonq raises 500000 EUR in angel investment

Poker superstar Bertrand „ElkY“ Grospellier and famous Twitch poker streamer Lex Veldhuis are among those to invest 500000 EUR in the Czech company helping professional gamers boosting their performance. Founded in 2016 by Michal Niga, Madmonq is targeting a very narrow group of elite gamers, helping them with performance and focus in a healthy and sustainable way. Madmonq is packing natural ingredients such as ginseng, blueberries, caffein and many more in one chewable that is currently helping to push the limtis of 40 tousands Madmonq's customers in Europe. The investment will go towards development of new products and to raise awarness about the importance and prioritization of health in the world of professional gaming.

Prepared by the team of foreign office CzechTrade and CzechInvest San Francisco.