Czech Republic to invest 4.4 billion CZK to improve recycling

Published: 01.06.2021 Related countries:  U.S.A. U.S.A.

National Recovery Plan has CZK 4.4bn for recycling.

The Czech Republic is among the top five EU countries in waste sorting. Industry and Trade Minister Karel Havlíček said that the government cabinet is launching a massive promotion of recycling by changing legislation, incentives and financial support for investment. CZK 4.4bn has been allocated for recycling in the National Recovery Plan (NRP). The NPO also includes funding for recycling infrastructure and circular solutions in companies. The country already is one of the lowest generators of waste in the EU and this initiative should help strengthen its position among states that aim to produce as little waste as possible and recycle majority of the rest. 

Source: CIA News, 

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