Czech video games industry reaches new heights

Published: 29.06.2021 Related countries:  U.S.A. U.S.A.

Czech Game Developers Association ( has released a new study of the video games industry in the country, which shows steady growth in both revenues and number of people working in the sector.

In 2020, the Czech video games industry generated more than 5.3 billion CZK in revenues, 17% more than in the previous year. Even during the pandemic, local studios have opened 300+ new position for video game developers, graphic designers and other experts. More than 2,000 people are now working in the industry, making it an important part of the Czech creative industries sector. Vast majority (90%) of the studios are Czech owned-studios, only around 10% are branches of foreign companies. All together, they released 58 new games in 2020, plus another 40 DLCs. A third of their employees are foreign nationals, both from the EU and third countries. 


Prepared by the team of CzechTrade office in New York.