Groupon Appoints Dusan Senkypl as Interim CEO

Published: 25.07.2023 Related countries:  U.S.A. U.S.A.

Groupon has appointed Dusan Senkypl as interim CEO to lead the company's transformation strategy.

Groupon's board of directors has appointed Dusan Senkypl (based in Prague, Czech Republic), co-founder of private equity investment group Pale Fire Capital, and a member of the board, to the role of interim Chief Executive Officer. 

Senkypl will lead Groupon in the supply-led transformation strategy, focusing on lowering the company's annual expenses, operational excellence and a faster decision-making process.

"From my perspective, Groupon has a clear target environment where the business can compete and win," Senkypl said. "Our vision is to become the ultimate destination for local services and experiences, a marketplace where trust and value are core to our consumer and merchant value propositions."


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