PFC heads to Board of Directors of US Groupon

Published: 17.06.2022 Related countries:  U.S.A. U.S.A.

Pale Fire Capital purchased 10% of US Groupon. Šenkypl to sit on the board of directors, Barta will serve in Groupon's supervisory body until joining his colleague at the board of directors. PFC aquired 10% of US Groupon at a cost of $11.55 a share.

Domestic investment group Pale Fire Capital SE (PFC) has entered into an agreement with US Groupon. PFC acquired a total of 458,794 shares at an average price of $11.55. At a cost around $5.3 million, PFC is a 10% owner of US Groupon. According to E15, the companies will start working closely together, which Groupon confirmed by appointing PFC's founding partner, Dušan Šenkypl, as a member of its board of directors (BoD). The second of the co-founders, Jan Barta, will be in the supervisory body, Groupon announced. Czech PFC Group is Groupon's largest shareholder with about 22%.


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