Prusa Research purchased US company Printed Solid, which significantly expanded the company's US market reach

Published: 31.08.2022 Related countries:  U.S.A. U.S.A.

Prusa Research, manufacturer of 3D printers expands its US footprint with a purchase of Printed Solid.

Prague-based Prusa Research is acquiring Printed Solid Inc., a Delaware-based 3D-printer reseller.

Founded in 2011, Prusa Research's i3 system has become one of the leading FDM-based desktop 3D printers, thanks to its low cost, small footprint, and easy mod/repairability.

Purchasing Printed Solid will give Prusa a channel for extending sales in the US beyond its current market. The manufacturer's product sales were confined mainly to enterprise, government, and educational sectors. This move will further expand that footprint to more direct consumer sales.

The Printed Solid brand will continue its operation in the US under its new parent, with David Randolph remaining in the position of its CEO.


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