The unemployment rate decreased to 2,3%

Published: 06.09.2018 Related countries:  U.S.A. U.S.A.

The general unemployment rate of the aged 15-64 years, seasonally adjusted, reached 2,3% in July 2018 and decreased by 0,5 p.p., year-on-year.

Czech Statistical Office: ,,The employment rate in the age group 15-64, seasonally adjusted, reached 74.7% in July and increased by 0.9 percentage point (p.p.) compared to that in July 2017. The employment rate of persons aged 15 – 29 years, seasonally adjusted, was 48.8%, in the age group 30 – 49 years it attained 87.9%, and in the age group 50 – 64 years it got to 74.8%.”

,,The economic activity rate of the aged 15 – 64 years, seasonally adjusted, reached 76.4% and rose by 0.5 p.p. compared to that in July 2017. Following the seasonal adjustment, the male economic activity rate (83.3 %) exceeds the female economic activity rate by 13.9 p.p.”

Published by the team of CzechTrade foreign office in Chicago.