The Czech company supplies shoes to armies around the world

Published: 09.12.2019 Related countries:  South Africa South Africa

Swiss army will also wear Czech shoes


Czech shoes are already worn by soldiers of the German, Lithuanian, Latvian, Dutch, British, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Indian and other armies.


Actually Czech company Prabos received a major contract for the supply of shoes for the Swiss armed forces. According to the terms of the deal, the Czech company will supply 20 thousand pairs of shoes worth 1.8 million euros over the next four years.


At present PRABOS specialises in the manufacture of comfortable, stable, safe, ultra-light, cold/water/fire and slip or puncture resistant footwear for even the most demanding conditions. The quality of this products has been acknowledged by security or armed forces and enthusiastic travellers and adventurers alike.


According to the chairman of the board of Prabos, Yaroslav Palat, they managed to win the tender due to the fact that their proposal was the most profitable in terms of price / quality ratio. “However, victory in the current tender is of particular value, since Switzerland is a guide for many countries. I hope that the decision of the Swiss authorities will allow our company to enter new markets, ”said chairman.


These high-quality and extremely effective shoes would certainly fit the SA army, SA security companies, firefighters, emergency units and other specialized forces.


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