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At glance:The 64 th edition of IEF 2023 in Brno

Last year was held the 64 th edition of IEF in Brno.It was very successfull exhibition.In 2024 we expect a new 65 th edition in October.

The 64th edition of the International Engineering Fair aroused great interest among trade visitors, and convincingly defended the purpose of this expo in the era of digital transformation of industrial production. Displays of 1,312 exhibiting companies from 43 countries occupied 10 halls of the Brno Exhibition Centre. Total turnout approached 60 thousand people over the four days of the expo.

The exhibitors surveyed agreed that this year's MSV took place in a positive atmosphere given the high turnout and especially the quality of the meetings. "Many visitors came here not only to sort a specific business, but also to find new business partners, which fulfilled the basic purpose of the expo. The possibility to view the exhibits physically, or even in operation, is still crucial when choosing technologies for industrial production and irreplaceable by other forms of presentation," said Jan Kubata, CEO of Trade Fairs Brno.

The specialised TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS and ENVITECH fairs were also held within as part of the MSV, and as an exception, the WOODTEC International Fair for Wood Processing and Furniture Industry was also held concurrently.

International gathering of industry leaders

MSV is a place where representatives of top industrial companies from different countries have met for seven decades now. At MSV 2023, half of the exhibitors came from abroad. China, France, India, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Taiwan, and Uzbekistan opened official expositions sponsored by their governments or pro-export institutions. At the same time, a delegation from Uzbekistan led by the prime minister visited the fair, and additional important trade delegations came from India, Colombia, the Netherlands, Saxony, the US, and Ukraine.


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