Promet Group a.s.

Since 1992 the focus of PROMET GROUP lies in metallurgy. From this point the companies in holding followed up on developing the machinery segment and supportive service segment such as logistics or real estate.

The group PROMET GROUP a.s. is a holding group of companies acting particularly in metallurgy and machinery segment. The parent company PROMET GROUP a.s. firstly manages a holding structure of companies, and sets up as favorable general conditions for their business activity as possible. It takes a role of the coordinator of the whole Group strategy and vision, qualified management of the assets administration, and targeted business development in particular fields of the business, production, and developer activity.

A philosophy of such integrated Group of several mutually interconnected entities in terms of capital and organization, is particularly the achievement of an enhanced competitiveness applying sound quality management,  application of various synergic effects, capital force, etc.