MG servis s.r.o.

IFS certified producer of fresh and deep frozen food products under brand Jerry’s.

Manufacturing over 600 tons of products per year | Specialist in bacon wraps (mainly beans in bacon, fruit in bacon), skewers, stuffed pepper, cabbage roll | Exporter to many European countries | Our priority is always to achieve the highest hygienic standards | We apply always up-to-date highest hygienic standards which include IFS, HACCP. Our factory regularly certified by the BUREAU Veritas Certification
Ingrediensts We use only first-class, controlled, top-quality ingredients from well-tested regional suppliers.
Quality The high quality of raw materials, an elaborated production systém and well trained employees ensure the quality and great taste of our products. Rather than using colorants, preservatives and additives we use deep freeze technology for our products as we are convinced that i tis the healhiest way to keep fresh for a long time.
Preparation Great advantage of our products : Easy, comfortable and quick preparation ensures success even to profesionals.