MS ProTech s.r.o

We are a young, dynamically developing Czech company that specializes in the supply of tailor-made machine components produced via machining, metal-shaping, and welding.

MS ProTech has been established as a family-owned company engaged in commercial and production activities in engineering. Our seat is located at the border of Moravia and Bohemia, a small village called Radiměř that is situated some sixty kilometres north of Brno. We have been using the long-term experience of our employees to exceed the requirements of our customers. On the market, we create a unique platform consisting in the combination of our own production and outsourcing of tailor made machine parts.

We take our relations to the employees, customers and suppliers, seriously and we perceive it as a partnership that we both can rely on. Quality, reliability and efficiency are the key principles for us. No less important values are trust, openness, loyalty, individuality, ability to work in a team, diligence, and creativity – these are also the cornerstone of cooperation. We attach high importance to communication and work so that our customers may feel with us like on velvet. 

Quality is a symbol of success. Particularly in engineering, the term “quality” is discussed very frequently. We not only strive to ensure that our customers obtain their products at the required level of quality but also dedicate ourselves to achieving great quality in our approach to our clients and the total service which they can expect from us.

  • We keep our word
  • We offer a wide portfolio of technical equipment 
  • We process price offers fast
  • We keep our delivery terms short
  • We attach high importance to quality and reliability 
  • We offer excellent communication with customers; we speak Czech, German, and English 
  • We can deliver complete logistics and potential warehousing solution