RUPA, spol s.r.o.

RUPA, Ltd. was established in 1996 as 100% Czech company which is specialized in manufacturing of healthy muesli bars, nut bars, flapjacks, protein bars and other types of bars.

Since 1996 our company has produced different kinds of müsli bars Fly and nut bars Maxi Nuta on Czech and foreign markets. Modern equipment, technology and cooperation with approved suppliers are guarantee for us that our products are manufactured from first-class ingredients, so they are warranting the highest quality of our products.
We have been cooperating with various food manufactures from all around the world, like KELLOGS, Danone, Kraft, etc. At present we are producing for companies: BonaVita, Damhert Nutrition, Oscar’s Biscuits, Max Sport, GSG Italy and others. As for chain stores, we have already produced bars for Globus, Schwartau and Tesco. As far as long-time cooperation is concerned we can name companies such as Kaufland, Penny Market and Billa, Kesko, Inex, Ahold, Lidl and Rimi Baltic. We can produce PRIVATE LABEL also for you.
Advantages of the presented products
Main advantage of the products of Rupa company is their high quality. This quality is reached due to use of the best kinds of raw materials. For instance, our nut bars mainly contain whole nuts, instead of lower quality crushed nuts. Our bars are covered with real chocolate, or with delicious yoghurt coating. Also, when developing our fruit bars, we are careful that they contain more fruit that is usual with our competitors. None of our products contains artificial colours and preservatives. Which means that all of products are completely natural.