Chips Praha s.r.o.


Tretter's Chips belongs to the family portfolio of companies bearing the name of their founder Michael Tretter. We have been bringing gluten-free vegetable chips, which we produce from real vegetables, for 10 years. It is therefore a real vegetable chips, which are naturally gluten-free and moreove  do not contain starch. We are different from other manufacturers because we made all of our products in the Czech Republic and we use  real spices! We are a holder of the IFS 6.1 Certificate at High Level.

We use carefully selected raw materials from Czech farmers and we deliver BATATAS from South America. We use exclusively sea or pink Himalayan salt and premium oil.
We are not made of porridge, we do not use semi-finished products or pellets, We only use real vegetables.
Tretter's chips are made:
of celery, beetroot, carrot, parnsnip, potatoes and sweet potatoes
withous using palm oil,
with real seasoning,
in Czech Republic