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Advacam: Elevating Czech Innovation through Advanced Imaging Technology

Advacam's breakthrough imaging technology showcases Czech excellence in uncovering hidden realms in space, human anatomy, and art, garnering international acclaim.

Advacam, a leading Czech innovator, is revolutionizing imaging technology to unveil unseen realms in space, the human body, and art. Their cutting-edge device, operating beyond visible light, offers unparalleled material distinction and portability.

Collaborating with global aerospace leaders like Boeing and esteemed space agencies including NASA, Advacam's solutions redefine radiation monitoring and medical diagnostics. Their potential spans real-time joint imaging, industrial inspections, and art authentication, elevating Czech expertise onto the global stage.

Rooted in CERN's pioneering research, Advacam marks a decade of innovation, spawning subsidiaries like RadalyX and InsightArt. Their imaging solutions, akin to the renowned "Intel Inside" label, herald a new era of Czech success in diverse sectors.


Created: CzechTrade Team Scandinavia