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The EU will release over 70 billion to the Czech Republic firms and households for ecological projects: Photovoltaics, transport and heating in the center of attention

The European Union is providing the Czech Republic with over 70 billion crowns for eco-friendly projects, emphasizing modernization and sustainability. Funds will focus on solar power plants, industrial energy needs, transportation infrastructure, and heating sector innovations, reflecting a concerted effort towards a more sustainable future.

 The European Union promises the Czech Republic more than 70 billion crowns for projects supporting ecological initiatives, which will significantly impact modernization and sustainability in various sectors. After a successful agreement with the European Investment Bank and the European Commission, the government received funds from the EU Modernization Fund, which includes revenues from the trading of emission allowances. The total amount that will be allocated to the newly approved projects amounts to 73 billion crowns, which represents a significant step towards the country's ecological and energy transformation.

About half of this financial package, i.e. 32 billion crowns, will be allocated to constructing solar power plants, which will support the development of renewable energy sources. Part of these funds, specifically 12 billion crowns, will be used to solve companies' energy needs, representing an important step towards sustainability and energy efficiency in the industrial sector. The remaining funds will be directed to the New Green Savings program, which will support owners of family and apartment buildings in their efforts to save energy and build solar panels, with the aim of covering up to 125,000 new solar power plants on household roofs.

Another 22.4 billion crowns will be allocated to transport infrastructure, focusing on the modernization of rolling stock and the development of urban public transport. Plans include replacing regular bus lines with trolleybuses, trams or buses powered by electricity and hydrogen, which will contribute to reducing emissions and sustainable urban mobility.

In addition, funds of 12.5 billion crowns will be obtained for four key projects in the heating sector, including, for example, investments in modernization and ecological innovations in the heating industry. This fund will also allocate six billion crowns to support industrial enterprises and their ecological efforts. This financial injection represents an essential step in supporting ecological innovations while strengthening the Czech Republic on the way to a more sustainable future.

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Source: Hospodářské noviny, Evropská komise