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Prague is the fourth-richest region in the EU

Prague has one of the highest rates of GDP per capita in the whole EU, based on purchasing power parity.

According to new Eurostat data, Prague has surpassed Brussels, Paris, and Berlin to become one of the top-ranked regions in the EU in terms of GDP per capita by purchasing power standards. The Czech capital is the fourth-richest region in the EU due to the presence of several multinational companies (as well as their headquarters) and international workers.

According to Eurostat, the number of multi-national companies headquartered in Prague have contributed significantly to the city's impressive economic development, resulting in a GDP per inhabitant that is more than double the national average. Several regions in Ireland and Luxembourg have surpassed Prague's economic performance.

A city’s high GDP per capita often results from a robust and diverse economic base driven by technology, finance, and manufacturing industries. Furthermore, a well-educated and skilled workforce contributes to higher productivity and innovation, further boosting the city’s economic output.

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Source: Eurostat,