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Czech Waste water management company Envi-pur has succeeded the project in Ghana

Czech waste water management company Envi-Pur, that recently copleted a contract in Ghana, is now penetrating the Egyptian market with its Egyptian partners,

Envi-pur is a top technology-supply company from the Czech Republic in the field of waste water treatment, water cleaning and water recycling, active in the Czech Republic as well in many countries abroad.

Recently, the BC biocleaner 125 - containerized wastewater treatment plant was installed in the exotic country of Ghana. Thanks to the cooperation with the company Pureco Africa Ltd., Envi-pur managed to jointly provide water supply and wastewater treatment for the company's site, which will be building a new highway in Ghana starting this year. The task was to provide wastewater treatment for the accommodations that will be used by workers building the highway.

Transport of the treatment plant was by both land and water - by truck to the port of Hamburg where it was loaded into an open shipping container and traveled in this way for 6 weeks before reaching its destination, the port city of Tema in Ghana.

Envipur is now active also in Egypt in the field of waste water treatment, water treatment and water re-cycling in municipal and industrial sector. They seek good partners for business cooperation. Their customers may be waste water contractors and any other entities where water and waste water cleaning is needed (also hotel and construction dvelopers etc.)

In cooperation with the Foreign Office of CzechTrade in Cairo, all potential partners are welocome to contact us in our Czech Embassy office in Giza. All details of cooperation will be further discussed and arranged. For further information plese feel free to contact CzechTrade Office in Cairo, ,Mr. Tomas Rousek.

Prepared by the team from the foreign office CzechTrade Egypt.
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