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Czech aerospace supplier Aero Vodochody is gearing up to increase its production of Airbus A220 parts by 80 percent in response to heightened demand

This surge in demand presents a substantial opportunity for Aero.

Specialising in providing wing leading edges for the Airbus A220 commercial aircraft, Aero Vodochody stands to benefit from the growing popularity of the A220, which is currently experiencing significant global demand amounting to several hundred units.

The wing leading edge for the A220, measuring 17 metres in length and comprising nearly 3,000 parts, is a pivotal component. Aero has actively contributed to its development, and since 2011, the plant has successfully manufactured over 370 leading edges.

Concurrently, Aero continues the serial production of L-39NG jet trainers. In the field of civil aviation, the company collaborates with major aircraft manufacturers on various projects, highlighting the ongoing significance of Czech aerospace suppliers on the global stage.

Prepared by the Czech Trade United Kingdom & Ireland team.