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Konrad beer wins silver medal at 2023 European Beer Star

The Czech brewery Konrad won another trophy at one of the best beer competitions in the world - The European Beer Star on 29 November 2023 at the BrauBeviale trade fair in Nürnberg, Germany.

After their 2019 triumph with Konrad 12 export Pilsener in the Bohemian Pils category (Gold), it has now been the turn of the Konrad 9 lager, winning Silver in the Bohemian session Lager category. This comes as no surprise to us at CzechTrade UK as the Konrad 9 and his cousin – the Glassblower-Lager, is a prime example of a perfectly balanced Bohemian type of beer with extraordinary drinkability. Few people would guess this beer has an ABV below 4%. This beer is decoction-brewed to give it a proper body without and enjoying 10 days of fermentation in open vessels and not less than 4 weeks of lagering in historical cellars from the 1870s.


The prestigious European Beer Star honours beers that are genuine, full of character, and of high quality. Most of the beer styles considered are those that have their origins in Europe. The world of beer styles is constantly changing. Therefore, the categories of the European Beer Star are reviewed, adapted or supplemented every year. It is a must go competition in the Germanic cultural circle (Germany, Austria, Bohemia), but all commercial breweries in the world can participate in the European Beer Star. Local, regional, national, and international breweries, no matter from which country, from which continent. To mark the 20th anniversary of the renowned beer competition, a total of 2356 beers competed against each other in 74 categories. The extensive list of categories included well-known classics such as "German-Style Pils" or "South-German Style Hefeweizen hell", but also exotic styles that are more familiar to beer lovers, such as "Herb and Spice Beer" or "Wood and Barrel Aged Sour Beer". Since the beginning of the European Beer Star, beer styles of European origin have been at the centre of the beer competition. However, breweries from all over the world are allowed to take part. This year, over 550 breweries from 47 countries took part in the European Beer Star.


The international expert jury consisted of beer experts from all over the world - including master brewers, specialised journalists and beer sommeliers. In the end, only the three best beers in each category were awarded gold, silver and bronze.

The Konrad brewery cooperated with CzechTrade in the UK and its range is now available to buy in the UK in 50 L kegs. Please contact