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Essence Line developed biochip for stroke diagnosis

Czech biotech company will help patients with early detection of cerebrovascular diseases

Czech company Essence Line has developed a biochip for early diagnosis of stroke (ictus), which will enable targeted therapy applied in clinical workplaces. The Agency for Business and Innovation (API) informed that the company expects to improve the provision of health care to patients with cerebrovascular disease after the implementation of the concept. Essence Line used financial support from the Proof program from Concept from OP PIK Programme.

The biochip developed is a new type of so called mirna-chip, ie. a multiplex tool for early diagnosis of  (brain) stroke. The set of analytes contained in the so-called cichip includes a series of micro rnas specific to the processes taking place on the barrier between the brain and the bloodstream. Specific markers were selected on the basis of consultations with experts, especially Dr. Tsenov, provided know-how from research centers, and according to breakthrough findings discovered in recent professional publications.

The intention of the project held by Essence Line was to create a unique and effective diagnostic tool for early detection of phenomena occurring mainly at the level of the so-called neurovascular unit, and thus to enable early targeted therapy applied in clinical workplaces in the future.

About the company

Essence line is a biotech company with its own research & development, founded in 2002. The team includes professionals with analytical and technological background focusing on market-oriented development, products and services primarily in the areas related to reach, genotoxicity, endocrine disruptors, cytotoxicity, DNA diagnostics and other biochemical analysis. Accompanied with complete training and technical documentation, the company delivers and masters advanced micro fluctuation assays (genotoxicity, endocrine disruptors, cytotoxicity), DNA diagnostics (RT-PCR, micro/nanoarrays), technology transfers and supplies of turnkey projects.


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