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The Czech agrosalon

The famous czech agrosalon Zeme zivitelka will be held on 22 nd to 28 th of August in České Budějovice.

The Země živitelka International Agrosalon is one of the largest exhibitions in the Czech Republic focused on traditional agricultural fields, including crop and livestock production, agricultural technology, food production, forestry and water management, horticulture and horticulture, and more. Země živitelka, which is being held for the 50th time, is the largest and most important agrosalon of its type focusing on the agricultural sector across all its fields in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Agrosalon also promotes Czech food. Země živitelka offers visitors the widest range of agricultural disciplines in one place, news from the fields of agricultural technology, hunting, beekeeping, fishing, food industry or livestock breeding, a comprehensive presentation of agriculture from history to current trends, as well as news in the field of research and education.

The end of August is a celebration of a rich harvest and a harvest feast for all farmers. On Saturday we celebrate the National Harvest Festival together. The harvest procession, led by the highest representatives of the state and government, is accompanied by people in folk costumes with harvest wreaths, majorettes, live music, hunters with birds of prey and hunting dogs, horses with riders. Individual agricultural fields are presented across the entire complex, they have their pavilions and their own program.  Agriculture in the form of play and learning - CHILDREN'S AGRICULTURAL WORLD has become a traditional part of Země živitelka.


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