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Ceska zbrojovka a.s., a traditional armament manufacturer, has increased its profit

The Czech manufacturer specializes in small arms and ammunition for armed forces, personal defense, hunting, and sport shooting. The increase of profits is in line with the prevailing trend in the arms industry, which is currently booming due to recent armed conflicts.

Last year, the company's after-tax profit exceeded 1.3 billion Czech crowns, marking an increase of approximately 280.5 million Czech crowns compared to the previous year. Moreover, sales reached a record high, surpassing 6.3 billion Czech crowns.

Ceska zbrojovka a.s. is based in Uhersky Brod, located in the South Moravia region, and its tradition dates back to the1930s. The company not only supplies the Czech army but also serves foreign partners, including Ukraine and Israel. The Czech manufacturer places significant emphasis on research and development, with last year's research budget reaching 140 million Czech crowns


Prepared by Veronika Vyoralova, team CzechTrade Israel

Source: Forbes CZ, E15