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TATRA TRUCKS, a.s., plans to double production while already presenting the first prototype of a hydrogen-powered truck

Tatra is a traditional Czech manufacturer of trucks, military and special vehiceles based in Koprivnice in the Moravian-Silesian Region. It introduced the first prototype of a hydrogen truck, the Tatra Force e-Drive on 23rd October at the H2 Forum 2023 conference.

The new CEO of Tatra, Lukas Andrysek, changes the company’s management and has a clear objective: to double the current production up to 2,500 vehicles a year while keeping a wide variety of models. Andrysek is a skilled manager, previously succesfully working for DAKO-CZ, a.s. – a leading manufacturer of pneumatic, electromechanical and hydraulic braking systems for rail vehicles.

Tatra implements processes to improve efficiency, realign priorities, and change the production layout. The aim is to create a two-speed Tatra by dividing the factory into two parts – one focused on maximal serial production and the other fosuced on the production of various specials. All these changes are happening while Tatra is introducing its prototype of a hydrogen truck, a technology intended for the sustainability transformation in transport.

This technology was even mentioned by the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen at the Green Deal Summit in Prague as a worthwhile example of green technology from the Czech Republic. The prototype is intended to become a production model of a 45-tonne truck with top speek at 85 km/h. A significant advantage is that it takes only minutes to fill the hydrogen tanks compared to the time needed for charging the batteries of electric vehicles.

Prepared by Veronika Vyoralova, team CzechTrade Israel

Source: Hospodarske noviny