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The Czech food giant Agrofert is expanding

Agrofert Group is set to buy a stake in a Romanian grain and oilseeds company called East Grain.

East Grain is a trading company that delas with grain and oilseeds. It is also involved in agricultural logistics and warehousing. Agrofert will acquire a majority stake in the company, owning 65 percent of its capital. The transaction will be done mostly through a capital increase and is expected to be the largest one in the Romanian agricultural and food industry this year.

Czech Agrofert is a large holding consisting of 250 companies involved mostly in agriculture, the food industry, forestry, transportation, and media. In addition to the Czech Republic, these activities are extended to several other European countries, including Poland and Germany. Agrofert is a key player in the Czech food industry. It was founded by the former Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis.

Prepared by Veronika Vyoralova - CzechTrade Israel