JUTA a.s.

Juta a.s. is a manufacturer of a wide range of products for construction and agriculture, packaging materials and materials for technical purposes

The company is leading Czech manufacturer of wide range for construction and building application:
  • Geosynthetics: Geomembrane JUNIFOL, Non-woven textile geoNETEX, and woven geotextile GEOJUTEX.
  • Roofing and wall underlays: Breather roofing underlays JUTADACH, JUTATOP; breather and non-breather roofing foils JUTAFOL, JUTACON; vapour brakes JUTAVAP. Agricultural and packaging products: Ground cover, twines, raschel bags, big bags, and nets.
  • Artificial turf: JUTAGRASSJuta has 19 manufacturing plants, employs 2300 people, and achieved a turnover of 320,000,000 EUR in the previous year.