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Czech Satellites Could Attract a Range of Customers, Says Head of Space Activities at the Ministry of Transport

Fifteen years after the Czech Republic joined the European Space Agency (ESA), a very specific kind of industry that adds significant value has flourished in the country. Space activities have attracted major European companies and spurred the creation of several original Czech companies.

Despite seeming impossible just a few years ago, two original Czech missions, each with a budget of 30 million euros supported by the Ministry of Transport, are now ready, focusing on neutron star collisions and capturing high-resolution images of Earth. Both projects, QUVIK and AMBIC, were detailed by the Ministry during the Czech Space Week event.

"With the Czech satellite platform, we can attract a wide range of customers from other countries and the private sector," says Václav Kobera, Head of the Department of Space Activities and New Technologies at the Ministry of Transport and Chairman of the Administrative Board of the European Union Agency for the Space Program (EUSPA).

The Czech space industry has evolved into a distinctive sector that offers added value, drawing attention from both European giants and homegrown enterprises. The Ministry of Transport's support for these projects underscores the government's commitment to advancing the nation's space capabilities.

One of the missions, QUVIK, will focus on observing neutron star collisions. This ambitious project not only showcases the technological prowess of Czech space capabilities but also contributes to international efforts in astronomical research. The second mission, AMBIC, will turn its gaze back to Earth, capturing high-resolution images with Czech-made satellites. These missions mark a significant step for the Czech Republic in establishing itself as a capable player in space exploration and technology.

The potential to attract a diverse range of customers from other nations and the private sector highlights the commercial viability of Czech space endeavors. As space activities continue to grow in importance globally, the Czech Republic's foray into this sector positions it as a key player in the European space landscape, fostering innovation, collaboration, and economic growth.

Source: E15

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