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Gas Consumption Declines in the Czech Republic, Primarily Driven by Businesses

Gas consumption in the Czech Republic continues to decline, with Czechs utilizing over 51 terawatt-hours of gas in the first three quarters of the year, representing an approximately 11% year-on-year decrease. These figures come from the statistics provided by the Energy Regulatory Office (ERÚ). The decline has been consistent throughout the year, influenced by favorable weather conditions and energy-efficient measures. Additionally, electricity consumption has seen a year-on-year decrease of 4.8% over the first nine months of the year.

The decrease in gas consumption has been evident in every calendar month this year. In the third quarter alone, there was an overall decline of more than 11%, equating to a 4% decrease when adjusted for long-term temperature norms.

Warmer weather significantly affected gas consumption in the third quarter, with the average temperature being 1.8 degrees above the long-term norm. The ERÚ notes that energy-efficient measures, implemented by authorities, businesses, and households, have played a crucial role. Stanislav Trávníček, Chairman of the ERÚ Board, highlighted the importance of both energy-efficient measures and systemic changes, such as the transition to alternative fuels and the utilization of self-generated energy sources.

In the third quarter, businesses led the reduction in gas consumption, experiencing a year-on-year decrease of 34.5%. Households followed with a consumption drop of over 28%, while major consumers reduced gas usage by 5.7%.

The most significant drop in consumption occurred in September, with a year-on-year decrease of over 20%. However, this month experienced record warmth, with a temperature deviation of 3.4 degrees from the long-term norm, impacting the start of the heating season.

Throughout the third quarter, changes in European gas flows, influenced by the Russian invasion, continued to have a significant impact on gas transportation through Czech territory. Gas transportation from the Czech Republic to foreign countries plummeted by 85%.

The ERÚ statistics also indicate a decline in electricity consumption, with a 4.8% decrease in the first three quarters of this year. In total, Czechs consumed 42.76 terawatt-hours of electricity during this period.

Source: E15

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