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Skilled Individuals in the Czech Republic for Space Business, But More Needed, Industry Leaders Agree

The Czech Republic stands among the leading nations in the field of space industry and science. It actively participates in international space missions, supplies components for rockets, and constructs its own satellites. In this livestream, we bring you a discussion titled "Technical Education and Talent Attraction," moderated by e15 Editor-in-Chief Nikita Poljakov.

The panel features discussions with Iulian-Emil Juhasz (TRL Space), Vít Pavelec (OHB Czechspace), Richard Pavlica (Czech Space Alliance), and Tomáš Szaszi (Honeywell).

The conversation revolves around the need for skilled individuals in the Czech space industry. While the country has proven itself with achievements in space exploration and technology, the consensus among industry leaders is that more talented individuals are required to further propel the nation's space endeavors.

Czech expertise is evident in international collaborations, the provision of components for rockets, and the successful development of indigenous satellites. The panel explores the current landscape of technical education in the country and the measures needed to attract and nurture more talent for the space industry.

As the space sector continues to evolve globally, attracting and retaining skilled individuals is crucial for the Czech Republic to maintain and enhance its position in the international space community. The discussion aims to shed light on the challenges and opportunities in talent development, education, and attraction within the Czech space industry, offering insights into the future of space-related activities in the country.

Source: E15

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