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Czech Minibus App Offers Solution to the University of Texas Traffic Challenges

Utilizing a mobile application to order campus minibuses has gained traction in the United States. Czech company CITYA has partnered with the University of Texas in El Paso (UTEP) to implement this innovative idea to benefit students and staff.

The extensive UTEP campus faces challenges related to transportation, with students often resorting to personal cars due to the lack of effective transit options between buildings. This has led to traffic congestion and parking shortages, affecting students' punctuality. CITYA identified these issues and selected the University of Texas for their project.

 Another interesting aspect of the selection process is the longstanding collaboration between the University of Texas and the Czech Technical University in Prague, which involves student exchange programs that allow participants to study for 10 months and receive degrees from both institutions.

Currently, UTEP and CITYA are collaborating to gather data and finalize the project for implementation. The minibuses are intended to navigate the university campus and extend their routes to nearby locations, such as the train station and the border crossing with Mexico, catering to the transportation needs of students and staff. The mobile application operates on an algorithm that optimizes routes to minimize waiting times and ensure efficient travel for passengers.

Presented by the CzechTrade team in Chicago, USA