BlueTouch Export, s.r.o.

We exclusively represent one of the biggest czech winery Lahofer.

The most popular grape variety is locally grown Palava, Gewurztraminer, very fragnant and sweet Moravian Muscat and Gruner Veltliner or Rhine Riesling and dry varieties of red wine. These wine have received a lot of rewards in competitions in the USA, Austria, the Great Britain, the Czech Republic, etc.

We would like to present spirits from the biggest Czech (“Bohemian”) Absinth producer distillery L’OR. Don´t forget to taste our famous smooth, sweet and delight Honeywine (mead) from the czech local forest honey. Honeywine is wellknown for its positive effect on our health. 

We also eclusively represent BOHEMIA REGENT, one of the oldest brewery in the world. This brewery has been established in 1379.