CzechTrade is the offical Government Trade Promotion Agency of the Czech Republic. Its main objective is to develop international trade and cooperation between Czech and foreign entities. 

Areas of interest of CzechTrade Canada located in Calgary, Alberta:

• Agriculture and forestry
• Aerospace
• Nanotechnology
• Metallurgy
• Foundry and forging
• Metal constructions
• Energy
• Enviroment

Czech Business Partner Search is a unique service provided by CzechTrade Calgary to foreign clients. If you seek a partner for production cooperation, you can address our specialised team with this request. CzechTrade Calgary will find a suitable Czech partner for long-term collaboration (new product development, production and other industrial cooperation in the Czech Republic).

Key reasons for finding a partner for industrial cooperation:

• Access to specially selected Czech companies
• Match-making based on experience and local expertise
• Detailed information about potential partners delivered within 14 days
• Service provided by a government agency
• Confidentiality guaranteed
• The service is FREE

In the last few years CzechTrade Calgary has attended the following trade shows: Global Petroleum Show, CIM, and PDAC.

Bechtel, Westinghouse Hold Forum for Czech Republic Suppliers
Czech Republic Czech Republic, U.S.A. U.S.A.
The Czech Republic has committed to meeting increasing electricity demands while reducing carbon emissions and reliance on coal and other...
Former NATO general Petr Pavel takes oath to become Czech president
Czech Republic Czech Republic
He has backed keeping the Czech Republic firmly in the European Union and NATO military alliance.
Czech Republic ranked 13th in Prosperity Index
Czech Republic ranked 13th in Prosperity Index
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Czechia ranked third for health and safety.
Aero delivered more than 240 pairs of leading edges for Airbus A220
Aero delivered more than 240 pairs of leading edges for Airbus A220
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Czech aerospace plays an important part in supplying parts for European military aircrafts.
SMR siting work progresses in Canada and Czech Republic
SMR siting work progresses in Canada and Czech Republic
Canada Canada, Czech Republic Czech Republic
Site preparation is now under way for Canada’s first grid-scale small modular reactor (SMR) at Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG’s...
Ukraine and Czech Republic Announce Defence Industry Cooperation
Czech Republic Czech Republic, Ukraine Ukraine
The plan is to pool manufacturing capacities of Ukrainian and Czech defense companies, coupled with broader international financial...
Czech Republic considering bid to host COP29 climate summit
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Hosting the U.N. climate event can bring a degree of international prestige and tourist income, but also intense media scrutiny, costs...
Czech spending on research and development broke records last year
Czech Republic Czech Republic
New data from the Czech Statistical Office shows that spending on R&D in 2021 was the highest in Czech history.
Czech Republic Saw Biggest Electricity Price Increase in Entire EU
Czech Republic Saw Biggest Electricity Price Increase in Entire EU
Czech Republic Czech Republic
European households are feeling the pain from higher gas and electricity prices, but some nations are worse off than others.



"When we started with CzechTrade many years ago, we did not realise just how much we would come to value the wide range of services CzechTrade offers to entrepreneurs.Thanks to all the deals that have been concluded and progress in expanding into foreign markets, we are now convinced that the key to any export success lies in making sure the mix of activities and the timing are just right.”

Martin Mokroš, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Galatek a.s.

"The realistic view we were given by the CzechTrade representative has allowed us to prepare ourselves well for any stumbling blocks in setting up a branch in Vietnam.The price we paid for the order was well worth it when you look at the quantity of information and services we have received.We wholeheartedly recommend the assistance we received from CzechTrade’s representative in Vietnam to any Czech companies entering the Vietnamese market."

Bruno Alletru, owner of Nimetal spol. s r.o.