CzechTrade is a Government agency established by Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Czech Republic. Its main objective is to develop international trade and cooperation between Czech and foreign entities. Wherever in the world you are, the agency is your official contact partner when looking for qualified Czech-based manufacturers, services providers and investors.

The Beijing office under the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Beijing was established in 2014 and since then is connecting North and North East China and Czech businesses.
The Beijing office´s main focus is onto the development of international trade and cooperation between Czech and Chinese entities in the fields of Czech machinery, mining and health care industry, environmental protection technology, general aviation projects and consumer products.

The Chengdu office under the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Chengdu was established in 2007 and since then is connecting South West China and Czech businesses.
The Chengdu office main focus in onto the development of international trade and cooperation between Czech and Chinese entities in the fields of Czech general aviation, machinery, food and drink, glass and crystal as well as application of Czech nano-technology in environment protection projects. The Chengdu office regularly organizes Czech participations at China (Chengdu) Food and Drink Fair (every year in March), as well as organizes presentation of Czech general aviation at Czech Aviation Conference (every year in October) and presentation of Czech glass and crystal at Czech Glass in Chengdu (every year in July or October).

The Shanghai office under the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Shanghai was established in 2001 and since then is connecting South East China and Czech businesses
The Shanghai office main focus is onto the development of international trade and cooperation between the Czech Republic and China in the fields of ICT, healthcare, machinery, food and drink, design, glass and crystal as well as nano-technology, environmental protection technology and any other advanced technology.


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BlueTouch Export, s.r.o.

BlueTouch Export, s.r.o.

We exclusively represent one of the biggest czech winery Lahofer.

Promote Czech brands to Chinese new sales platforms

CzechTrade office helps the cooperation between GRUND and Mingyichupin

As we all know, China is one of the most developed countries in Internet retail business in the world, its huge market share and sales performance attract worldwide attention. At the same time, China's Internet sales channels develop very fast, the Internet sales mode is changing with each passing day, new retail channels and new sales platforms are constantly emerging.

How can the CzechTrade office in China help Czech high-quality brands not only to enter China, but also directly connect to these new and excellent sales channels, quickly reach cooperation with them? This has always been a topic to us…
Recently, our efforts have achieved good results. We have successfully helped with arranging a cooperation between GRUND, a famous Czech brand, and Mingyichupin, a new e-commerce platform In China.

GRUND is a famous brand in both Czech Republic and Europe, with a high market share. It is also the winner of "2013 The company of the year from the Czech Republic", representing the highest technology and quality standard of Czech Republic and even of Europe.

Mingyichupin is a well-known e-commerce community platform for luxury products, with tens of millions of active users, and it is one of the representatives of China's new internet sales model and platform.

The cooperation between these two will show GRUND brand to millions of potential users, which will be a very good promotion of the brand.

We use our ability to serve as a bridge between Czech Republic and China:

  • We recommend excellent Czech brands to good platforms in China, so that the Chinese consumers can have access to high-quality products produced from Czech Republic.
  • We recommend good Chinese platforms to excellent Czech enterprises, so that they can expand sales channels and increase market capacity.
  • That's what director Mr. Aleš Červinka and his team have been trying to do!

We also believe that such cooperation is only the beginning. Through this cooperation, we have opened a new way. In the future, more Czech enterprises and brands from this model can benefit.



Mr. Willie Liu from FANGBEN LAW OFFICE has successfully cooperated with CzechTrade offices in China for more than 5 years and assisted many Czech clients in achieving high performance in China. In addition thereto he is also a member of International Trademark Association.
The Czech clients that received Mr. Liu`s professional services include:

  • PETROF, spol. s r.o.
  • TOS, A.S.
  • GASTON, spol. s r.o.
  • Beznoska Ltd.
  • GRISOFT, s.r.o.
  • GRUMANT s.r.o.