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CzechTrade is a Government trade promotion agency of the Czech Republic. Its main objective is to develop international trade and cooperation between Czech and foreign entities. Wherever in the world you are, the agency is your official contact partner when looking for qualified Czech-based manufacturers and services providers. The Sydney office was established in 2013 and since then is connecting Australian and Czech businesses.  


Mgr. Matějka Luboš

CzechTrade Australia and New Zealand

Luboš Matějka

Since 2013, CzechTrade Australia has assisted a number of Czech companies with their business in Australia and New Zealand. Mutual trade between the Czech Republic and Australia has been growing, and a number of Czech companies have recently expanded their business into Australasia region. The leading Czech items exported to Australia and New Zealand are passenger cars and toys produced in the Czech Republic comprising 55% of total export from the Czech Republic. Perspective sectors for Czech companies are aviation, railway transport, mechanical and power engineering, food industry, biotechnology, mining industry, nanotechnology, and composite materials. Our Sydney based office regularly organizes Czech National Exposition at various trade shows in Australia, and organizes meetings for Czech manufacturers with local companies, potential business partners.  

Events, news and cooperating companies

Czech exporters in territory


EURO BAGGING, Ltd. manufactures high quality feed storage machines and the silage bags for farmers all around the world. Successfully exporting across Europe, Africa, Asia and Americas, they have asked CzechTrade Australia to find a business partner also in New Zealand.

“We took the CzechTrade's advice and brought our 10-toned silage Bagger to the largest farming trade show in New Zealand. CzechTrade’s team not only helped us with the transport of our machine, its storage and assembly, but also arranged a number of meetings with potential partners.

The mission to Mystery Creek, New Zealand was definitely worth the effort and costs – we found an importer and distributor for New Zealand market. Our new business partner is not only one of the key players on the market but has a deep knowledge of technology to appreciate the quality of our machines, which always helps acquiring new customers.”

Lukas Jurek
Managing Director & Owner


Bikeworkx is a family business producing top quality cleaners, degreasers, wet lubes, dry lubes, oils, polishes, and other accessories for the bike industry.

“To succeed on Australian highly demanding market, we have asked CzechTrade Office in Sydney for an assistance.

Vojtech was able to arrange a number of meetings with the Australian major distributors at the Taipei International International Cycle Show at a very short notice, and since then we have developed our presence at the local market through our local distributor rapidly.”

Zdenek Nachazel
Managing Director & Owner