Bedrijf catalogus

Arix a.s. ARIX is the important Czech trader with hops and hop products.
ASPERA technology s.r.o. Specialist in custom sheet metal production, powder coating facility, design development, assembly and electrical installation, consignment stock, welding.
Bohemia Hop a.s. Bohemia Hop company is the bearer of the Czech hop growing tradition since 1991 with connection to the mother company Chmelarstvi, cooperative Žatec.
Bonavita, spol. s r.o. We are proud of the fact that in the production of cereals, BONAVITA is currently unrivalled in the Czech Republic and is one of the top producers of cereals in Europe. Roughly 50% of our turnover is generated by exports to multiple countries.
Brelex s.r.o. Brelex is family-owned company based in Prague, Czech Republic specialized in supplying craft breweries with high quality hop products worldwide.
Cheops spol., s.r.o. We are producers of the machines and devices for beverage industry.
Czech Brewmasters s.r.o. Czech Brewmasters s.r.o., a limited liability company, was established in 2002 and immediately started helping breweries to solve technological issues.
Deva Nutrition a.s. We focus on development and production of baby fruit purees, which can be combined with vegetables, dairy, cereals and biscuits, baby fruit drinks, such as juices, nectars and smoothies.
DMHERMES TRADE s.r.o. Food producer and distributor since 1992. Bombus are healthy fruit Raw bars made from purely natural ingredients without any heat treatment.
EKOFRUKT Slaný, spol. s r.o. We produce fruit muesli bars Twiggy and walnut Twiggy MAX, then Twiggy BIO and cereal bars CERIX. We grow fruit in our own orchards, especially apples, pears, apricots, cherries and sour cherries.