Bedrijf catalogus

ASPERA technology s.r.o. Specialist in custom sheet metal production, powder coating facility, design development, assembly and electrical installation, consignment stock, welding.
ELMET, spol. s.r.o. Specialization in custom-made electronics, precise mechanics, medical and laboratory equipment.
MS ProTech s.r.o We are a young, dynamically developing Czech company that specializes in the supply of tailor-made machine components produced via machining, metal-shaping, and welding.
Otavské strojírny a.s. From the initial cutting of material (cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, punching), through bending, welding (carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium), machining and assembly, to the final surface treatment (powder coating or wet painting.
PEaPE METAL, s.r.o. Production of small products and from samples to large series. The basis of the production process is the precise processing of sheets (steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper alloys) and profiles and pipes.
Promet Group a.s. Since 1992 the focus of PROMET GROUP lies in metallurgy. From this point the companies in holding followed up on developing the machinery segment and supportive service segment such as logistics or real estate.
RegulTech servis s.r.o. We are an engineering, supply and installation company in the field of industrial automation, measurement and control, technology and process control.
SpoluWorks Perfecta s.r.o. We are a stirrer in the manufacture of machined parts. We produce flake machined components for leading European manufacturers.
Tokoz a.s. TOKOZ a.s. has been operating in the field of security mechanisms for a 100 years. Due to the years of experience we have become true experts in padlock manufacturing and remain the largest Czech manufacturer thereof.
Zeveta Machinery a.s. Our production focuses on cold forming, machining, welding, surface treatment, assemblies and tool and fixture manufacture.