EKOFRUKT Slaný, spol. s r.o.

We produce fruit muesli bars Twiggy and walnut Twiggy MAX, then Twiggy BIO and cereal bars CERIX. We grow fruit in our own orchards, especially apples, pears, apricots, cherries and sour cherries.

Ekofrukt has been established since 1992 and has over 25 years of experience in the fruit and granola bar industry. u We are a traditional manufacturer of muesli bars, which we serve under the brand Twiggy to customers in the Czech Republic and abroad. u We are one of the first producers of muesli bars in the Czech Republic. u We also supply bars under private labels for large chains throughout Europe. u We are exhibiting at the biggest trade fairs in Europe - SIAL, ANUGA, BIOFACH and others.

Fruit Production - We own modern technical equipment for storage and post-harvest treatment of fruits, with largecapacity refrigerated warehouses on premise, with ULO atmosphere and modern fruit sorting lines. We also have the technology to pack fruit (nets, plastic bags, etc.). u Fruit is delivered to the customer and is guaranteed to be of exceptional quality, which is achieved due to the particular care of our own fruit trees from cutting to harvesting and gentle handling of the products in modern sorting lines. u We grow apples, pears, apricots, cherries and sourcherries on approximately 200 hectares. u We also have a BIO orchard where we cultivate organic apples on several hectares and use it in our Organic bars. u Our operating procedures meet the strict criteria of GlobalG.A.P and SISPO

Bar Production - We use two cutting edge lines to produce our bars. u Our production capacities can meet even the most demanding customer requirements. u We produce bars in multiple sizes and specific modifications. u We have a device for dipping the bars with a chocolate or a yoghurt topping. u We produce muesli, nuts, protein and oatmeal bars. u Packaging is possible in boxes of 24 or 66 pieces. u We are also able to pack bars into multipacks - 3pack, 6pack. u Production takes place in accordance with strict IFS standards and each product undergoes a thorough X-ray inspection.