Linea Nivnice, a.s.

We are Czech company producing fruit juice and the biggest fruit processor in the Czech market.

LINEA NIVNICE, a.s. is 100% owned by Czech shareholders as the only major producer of fruit juices in the Czech Republic.

The company is one of the largest producers of fruit juices, beverages, fruit wines, snacks and syrups. In almost every area, it is first or second in the market.

The company has a great tradition

in the production of spirits, with the first liqueur produced here in 1946. It also produces a range of fruit wines and is dominant in this segment with its product Hradní svíca. 

A great advantage

is the modern large-capacity pressing plant and the availability of fruit from the South Moravia region. As the largest long-term fruit processor, we have an excellent starting position for the production of HELLO fruit juices and syrups. In these categories we are the second largest producer in the country and the first domestic producer.

Since 2013

we were the first to market fruit snacks in a pouch and already in 2017 we dominated this entire segment.

We own our drinking water source and plan to expand capacity with the goal of full self-sufficiency. The main export country is Slovakia. We have been building the HELLO Choose with your heart brand for a long time.