EGÚ Brno: 99 municipalities are suited for wind plants

Published: 20.07.2023 Related countries:  New Zealand New Zealand , Australia Australia

Although the purchase price is high and production would exceed the consumption of one municipality, it's recommended to finance it as a joint investment among several municipalities.

There are 99 municipalities in the Czech Republic for which it is now worth considering building wind power plants. They are mostly located in the Karlovy Vary, Ústí nad Labem, Moravian-Silesian and Vysočina regions. This results from the analysis of EGÚ Brno. EGÚ Brno's managing consultant Matěj Hrubý added that the use of wind resources is complicated by the high purchase price and the fact that production would greatly exceed the consumption of the municipality. It should therefore be a joint investment of several municipalities. Based on the model calculations of EGÚ Brno, the optimal installation is two wind turbines with a total capacity of 7.2 MW and an annual electricity production of 14,400 MWh. EGÚ Brno's strategy director Michal Macenauer added that the costs of two power plants total ca. CZK 400m. With a 50% subsidy, the return period for the project would be about six years.

Source: Daily news | ČIA news
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