Ray Service: Elevating Czech Aerospace Potential through F-35 Collaboration and Global Expansion

Published: 17.12.2023 Related countries:  New Zealand New Zealand , Australia Australia

It is expected that the Czech defence forces will adopt the F-35 jets. Ray Service components will be also in Swedish infantry fighting vehicles C90 for the Czech Army

Ray Service, a Czech company specializing in the production of cable harnesses and electromechanical components, is poised for a significant opportunity as a supplier for the American F-35 fighting jets. In a noteworthy development earlier this year, the company entered into a memorandum of understanding with Lockheed Martin, the aircraft manufacturer. This collaboration holds particular significance as it is expected that the Czech defence forces will adopt the F-35 jets. The final decision on this prospective partnership is anticipated to be reached early next year.

With a well-established history in supplying cable harnesses and electromechanical assemblies, Ray Service is not only looking towards the American market but has also secured a role in equipping Swedish infantry fighting vehicles C90 for the Czech Army. The company's reputation in the defence industry has garnered attention, and recently, it welcomed the visit of Czech Minister of Defence Jana Cernochova as part of her engagements with key players in the Czech defence industry.

Having successfully operated in the market for three decades, Ray Service extends its reach beyond the Czech Republic, with operations spanning Slovakia, Austria, and the Middle East. The company's expertise is not confined to the defence sector alone; its electromechanical boxes and cable harnesses find application in various industries, including avionics, defence and motorsports. Ray Service has established itself as an international player, exporting its assemblies to countries such as Germany, Switzerland, the USA, and Great Britain.

Source: https://www.volty.cz/
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