Company Catalogue

CINK Hydro - Energy k.s. Manufacturer. A supplier of complete small hydro equipment with Crossflow, Pelton, Kaplan and Francis turbines with capacity up to 10 MW per unit. Complete small hydro power plants, control systems for SHPP, trash rack cleaning machines.
TOKOZ a.s. Manufacturer of padlocks, cylinder locks, safety, security, hasps, bars, keys, locking, mechanical security, mechatronical security, OEM products from zamak, alluminium, stamping, powder coating, galvanizing, assembly, toolshop, tool, wellding.
TONAK TONAK is one of the biggest global headwear manufacturers. The company offers wide selection of millinery products, primarily felt hats, hat bodies and knitted headwear, enabling us to satisfy any customer requirements from around the world.