Meeting point in Prague

Published: 28.03.2024 Related countries:  Indonesia Indonesia

In February 2024 was held the pro-export event of the CzechTrade Promotion Agency in Prague.

At the largest pro-export event for medium-sized and small companies, Meeting Point Agency, in Prague at the end of February, 427 Czech companies came to consult their export plans. All 56 directors of CzechTrade foreign offices from all over the world were available to them. The record participation confirmed that the interest of companies in exporting is still higher despite the challenges that exporters face. This year, the agency continues to strengthen its international network of offices and will focus on connecting technology sectors with suitable markets, startups and highly innovative companies.

Support for the export activities of domestic companies is also a priority of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic this year, which was emphasized by the Minister of Industry and Trade."Export is one of the engines of our economy and our priority is to support Czech companies as much as possible. This is also expressed in the new Export Strategy of the Czech Republic, which determines the direction of export support for the next ten years.

Our goal is to find new national champions who can make a lasting impact on foreign markets. At the moment, we are already focusing on the implementation of the set measures, which include the development of the CzechTrade network of foreign offices," said Josef Síkela, adding: "We are also intensifying export support in other areas, for example, last year we increased the number of business missions and joint participation in exhibitions and trade fairs abroad."


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