Czech Hydrogen Technology Platform HYTEP becomes one of the founders of 3Seas Hydrogen Council (3S)

Published: 05.02.2024 Related countries:  India India

HYTEP became one of the signatories of the newly established 3Seas Hydrogen Council (3S) hydrogen initiative. The initiative, which involves eight other national hydrogen associations, aims to promote a robust hydrogen economy in Central Europe and the Baltics in a coordinated manner and emphasises the importance of sustainable energy development and a hydrogen-centric economic model.

The initiative was officially launched with the signing of its founding documents at the Hyvolution Summit in Paris. The 3S Initiative involves a total of nine associations from 8 countries in Central and Eastern Europe - the Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and Ukraine.

The 3S initiative responds to the fundamental need for continuous dialogue and the development of common positions, especially within the European Union. Of particular importance is the inclusion of Ukrainian organisations in this alliance, which represents a decisive step towards Ukraine's integration into the European Community and EU structures.

The 3S initiative will focus on creating collaborative frameworks, supporting research and development initiatives and facilitating investment in hydrogen infrastructure. It will also emphasise education and awareness programmes to promote the widespread adoption of hydrogen technologies. Promoting cross-border initiatives and the exchange of knowledge and know-how will also be essential to fully exploit the potential of hydrogen. The 3S initiative will also advocate the creation of dedicated discussion platforms. These will explore key developments in European legislation and national policies affecting the hydrogen sector.


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