The Czech republic signs the biggest defence contract in its history

Published: 29.01.2024 Related countries:  India India

In a contract valued at around 150 billion Czech koruna ($6.6 billion), the government of the Czech Republic signed a deal with the United States  to purchase 24 F-35 fighter jets which makes it the largest single acquisition for the Czech military.

The Czech Republic has become formally one of the European countries who own F-35 Joint Strike Fighters. The first 24 fighter jets are scheduled to be delivered by 2031, and the last 24 by 2035. The Czech army currently uses fourteen JAS-39 Gripen fighter jets from Sweden; these will be replaced by American aircraft.

 The Czech republic will pay the United States around $5 billion for the aircraft, pilot training, ammunition, and other expenses. According to the representatives of the Czech goverment, the remaining funds will go towards staff training, fuel, and an overhaul of the Caslav air force base in central Czech Republic.

The chief of the general staff Lt. Gen. Karel Rehka said that "only the F-35 system can enable us to prevail in the battlegrounds of the future, and in times of need, we will be able to successfully defend ourselves against aggression, in concert with our allies."


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