AutoSAP: EV share in production up to 12.4%

Published: 24.07.2023 Related countries:  Japan Japan

The number of passenger cars produced in the Czech Republic in H12023 increased by 21.7% y/y to 738,454

91,285 electric cars were produced and their share in domestic car production rose to 12.4%. The production of pure electric cars reached 66,771 and plug-in hybrids 24,514, according to data from the Automotive Industry Association (AutoSAP). Almost 93% of the cars produced went to foreign markets. Vehicle exports increased by 21.8%. On the other hand, a decline in production volumes was recorded by manufacturers of buses (-4.3% to 2,511 units), trucks (-0.6% to 649), motorcycles (-67.2% to 371), small trailers up to 3.5 t (-26% to 9,205) and large trailers over 3.5 t (-22.2% to 997).