Riga: Czech companies presented their AI technology for data analysis

Published: 19.03.2024 Related countries:  Latvia Latvia

The theme of seminar was Revolutionizing Investigations in Law Enforcement and Defense with Biometrics and AI.

On March 19th the seminar of "Revolutionizing Investigations in Law Enforcement and Defense with Biometrics and AI" was organized by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Riga in cooperation with the CzechTrade office for Baltic states at the Marriott AC Hotel in Riga. 

During the seminar, Czech companies of Phonexia, Cogniware and Born Digital presented their innovative solutions to a large group of representatives of Latvian government institutions, decision-makers and private companies.

Phonexia presented innovative Czech software for speech and voice biometrics. Cogniware introduced their cutting-edge platform Argos for data analysis and digital investigations.  Born Digital presented the unique synergy of artificial intelligence and humans to create digital assistants.

The topic of security and technological innovations in the context of the current geopolitical situation raised significant interest among Latvian partners. 

Compiled by the team of CzechTrade office for Baltics.
Source: CzechTrade office for Baltics