Company Catalogue

BOHEMIA RINGS s.r.o. Manufacturer of seamless hot-rolled rings with high ratio of mechanical working
CHPS s.r.o. Cutting and High precision centre
HANAKOV spol. s.r.o. Metalworking and welding
KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ a.s. Manufacturing company of heat-transfer, pressure equipment for power industry, chemical, petrochemical and oil & gas.
NC LINE a.s. Specializes in complete sheet metal processing services
ROTAS STROJÍRNY spol. s.r.o. Producer of weldments, treatment, mechanical and hydraulic drives
STROJIRNY KOHOUT spol. s.r.o. Custom custom manufacturing of precision machined parts for the healthcare, food processing, chemical and electrical engineering industries and construction machinery
TRYLAK GROUP s.r.o. Welding and painting
UNIKOV STEEL Ltd. Manufacturer of metal goods