Cutting-Edge Space Technologies from Brno Enable Closest-Ever Observation of the Sun

Published: 28.02.2024 Related countries:  Finland Finland , Denmark Denmark , Sweden Sweden , Norway Norway

How cutting-edge space systems developed in Brno, Czech Republic, by Honeywell are set to revolutionize solar observation with the upcoming Proba-3 mission by the European Space Agency.

In Brno, the largest European branch of American company Honeywell, boasting 850 engineers, has developed space systems capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and conditions for missions destined for the Sun. The culmination of years of development is showcased in the technology prepared for the European Space Agency's Proba-3 mission, scheduled for launch later this year.

This mission aims to study the solar corona from a closer distance than ever before. A key component of this mission is a three-axis MEMS gyroscope developed and manufactured in Brno by Honeywell. This gyroscope will ensure precise positioning of satellites, allowing for uninterrupted observation of the Sun's corona.

Tomáš Neužil, leading a team of aerospace technology experts, highlights the groundbreaking aspect of the mission, where two satellites will fly in precise formation, a mere 150 meters apart. One satellite will eclipse the Sun, enabling the other to study the solar corona, providing invaluable insights into the Sun's atmosphere.

The use of MEMS-based technology ensures the safety and functionality of satellites in the challenging space environment, facilitating precise positioning and stabilization. As the demand for reliable satellite tracking grows with the increasing number of satellites in orbit, lightweight and cost-effective MEMS-based solutions become essential for providing accurate positioning data and enabling satellites to autonomously navigate potential obstacles.

The miniaturization trend in satellite design, with satellites now comparable in size to household appliances, underscores the importance of innovative technologies like those developed by Honeywell in Brno. Honeywell Aerospace's products and solutions are ubiquitous in commercial and defense aviation, as well as in the aerospace industry, contributing to fuel efficiency, precise navigation, and overall safety.

With its focus on cutting-edge research and development, including projects for European defense, Honeywell Aerospace's facility in Brno plays a crucial role in advancing aerospace technologies while maintaining strict security protocols.  

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