Czech Entrepreneur Sotirios Zavalianis Named Entrepreneur of the Year for Advancing Healthcare

Published: 11.03.2024 Related countries:  Finland Finland , Denmark Denmark , Sweden Sweden , Norway Norway

Read about Sotirios Zavalianis, a Greek-born entrepreneur residing in the Czech Republic, who has been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year for his significant contributions to advancing healthcare and his innovative approach to medical services.

Sotirios Zavalianis, founder of Akeso Holding, has been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year for his pioneering work in revolutionizing healthcare in the Czech Republic. Over the past three decades, he has built a healthcare empire spanning various medical specialties and facilities, including renowned hospitals in Beroun and Hořovice.

Zavalianis' journey began with his involvement in Mediscan Group in 1998, leading to the establishment of the Multiscan oncology center in Pardubice. A pivotal moment came in 2007 when he ventured into hospital privatization in the Central Bohemian Region, acquiring hospitals in Hořovice and Beroun. In 2017, Zavalianis consolidated his entrepreneurial endeavors under Akeso Holding, marking a new phase of expansion.

His commitment to innovation is evident in projects such as a modern polyclinic in Prague and a pandemic pavilion in Hořovice, reflecting his dedication to meeting evolving healthcare needs. Beyond business success, Zavalianis' focus on employee welfare, social responsibility, and philanthropy underscores his holistic approach to entrepreneurship.

As he advances to the global stage for the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year competition, his vision for the future includes further contributions to education and healthcare innovation on an international scale.  

Created: CzechTrade Team Scandinavia