Czech scientists received half a billion for research into nanorobots. They are supposed to eliminate disease germs in the human body.

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The Olomouc CATRIN Institute together with its partners received a prestigious grant. Scientists will control the properties of substances down to the level of atoms.

In a groundbreaking initiative, Czech scientists, spearheaded by the CATRIN Institute in Olomouc, have secured a substantial grant of nearly half a billion crowns for their ambitious project, "Technology Beyond the Nanoworld." The core objective of this five-year endeavor is to explore the realm of atomic engineering, enabling scientists to meticulously control material properties at the atomic level. The research extends its reach to both medical and industrial domains.

In the medical sector, scientists are developing nanorobots, miniature devices roughly the size of a thousandth of a human hair, with the potential to detect and eliminate disease germs within the human body. This innovative approach aims to enhance early disease detection and prevention, marking a significant stride in medical advancements. Collaborating with esteemed partners such as Charles University and CEITEC-VUT, the project also focuses on broader societal challenges. Beyond the medical applications, the team is delving into atomic engineering to revolutionize industry. Catalysts with significantly higher reaction yields and reduced reliance on expensive materials, such as gold or platinum, are among the potential outcomes.

Notably, the scientists aim to boost the efficiency of obtaining green hydrogen through solar decomposition of water or ammonia. Their contributions extend to oil processing, natural gas, biomass, fuel production, polymers, medicines, and environmental protection. By addressing these critical areas, the project aspires to elevate the competitiveness of Czech scientists on the global stage, contributing to the overall advancement of research in the European landscape.

This research initiative, part of the Top Research program with a budget totaling 12.2 billion crowns, underscores the commitment to strengthening the Czech Republic's position in European research. With 26 supported projects, the endeavor aims to enhance the competitiveness of domestic research teams alongside global leaders, ensuring a significant impact on the scientific community.  


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